31 July 2016 to 5 August 2016
Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center
US/Eastern timezone

A 30 GHz Flying Electromagnetic Undulator

2 Aug 2016, 14:15
Woodrow Wilson B (Gaylord Hotel)

Woodrow Wilson B

Gaylord Hotel

Oral Working Group 7 WG7


Dr. Sergey Kuzikov (Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Euclid Techlabs LLC.)


A room-temperature rf undulator, based on helical corrugated waveguide, is designed and produced, in order to obtain coherent X-ray radiation using a relatively low-energy electron beam and pulsed mm-wavelength radiation. Low-power tests with 33 GHz, 0.5 m long undulator section are described. High-power experiments with gigawatt power level BWO, which is planned to feed the undulator, are analyzed.


The flying undulator is a high-power short rf pulse co-propagating together with a relativistic electron bunch in a helically corrugated waveguide. The electrons wiggle in the rf field of the -1st spatial harmonic with the phase velocity directed in the opposite direction in respect to the bunch velocity, so that particles can irradiate high-frequency Compton’s photons. A high group velocity (0.7 of light velocity) ensures long cooperative motion of the particles and the co-propagating rf pulse. So that 10 m of the proposed undulator can substitute 25 m of a conventional DC-magnet undulator (with period 3 cm) providing similar Pierce parameter and requiring almost 2.5 times less energy electron beam. The 0.5 m long undulator section was optimized for frequency 33.3 GHz, in order to minimize all types of losses at as broad frequency band as 1 GHz. The prototype of 0.5 m length, made of the electroformed copper, was produced and tested at low power level for the planned high-power experiment. In this experiment we are going to feed the produced undulator section by ~1 GW, 10 ns rf pulses which we have already obtained in the BWO oscillator driven by 500 kV, 100 A electron beam formed from autoemission cathode.

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Primary author

Dr. Sergey Kuzikov (Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Euclid Techlabs LLC.)


Dr. Aleksandr Vikharev (Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences) Dr. Andrey Savilov (Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences) Dr. Edward Abubakirov (Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences)

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