31 July 2016 to 5 August 2016
Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center
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High Energy Electron Acceleration from Underdense Plasmas Using OMEGA EP Laser

4 Aug 2016, 15:30
Woodrow Wilson CD (Gaylord Hotel)

Woodrow Wilson CD

Gaylord Hotel

Oral Working Group 1 WG1


Mr. Thomas Batson (University of Michigan)


For intense, ps scale lasers, propagation through underdense plasmas results in forces which expel electrons from the laser axis, resulting in channel formation. Electrons can then be injected from the channel walls, which results in direct laser acceleration of these electrons and the occurrence of an electron beam of 100’s of MeV. Experiments performed at the OMEGA EP laser studied the
spatial properties and energy of an electron beam created via DLA mechanisms.

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Primary author

Mr. Thomas Batson (University of Michigan)


Dr. Andrew Davies (Laboratory for Laser Energetics) Mr. Anthony Raymond (University of Michigan) Dr. Arefiev Alexey (University of Texas, Austin) Dr. Dan Harberberger (Laboratory for Laser Energetics) Dr. Dustin Froula (Laboratory for Laser Energetics) Dr. Hui Chen (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Mr. Jackson Williams (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr. Karl Krushelnick (University of Michigan) Dr. Louise Willingale (University of Michigan) Dr. Phil Nilson (Laboratory for Laser Energetics) Dr. Wolfgang Theobald (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

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