31 July 2016 to 5 August 2016
Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center
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High Duty Cycle Inverse Compton Scattering X-ray Source

1 Aug 2016, 16:45
Woodrow Wilson B (Gaylord Hotel)

Woodrow Wilson B

Gaylord Hotel

Oral Working Group 7 WG7


Dr. Alex Murokh (RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC.)


We report the first demonstration of an actively re-amplified CO2 laser intra-cavity Inverse Compton Scattering source, which matches the electron linac pulse structure at 40 MHz repetition rate. Multi-bunch interaction with 5- and 15-pulse trains was demonstrated, and near linear photon yield gain from multi-pulse interaction was demonstrated. The system shows noticeably higher operational reliability than several contemporary single shot systems, as well as a great potential for future scalability.


A number of emerging industrial and medical applications can take advantage of a compact tunable X-ray sources based on Inverse Compton Scattering (ICS). An important challenge in the development of practical ICS source is the implementation of a reliable, increased-repetition-rate operation cycle. To this end, we report the first experimental demonstration of ICS flux enhancement in a recirculated configuration, performed at the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). For this experiment, an active CO2 laser optical cavity has been integrated into a beamline of the 60-MeV ATF linac that provides trains of picosecond, sub-nC electron bunches at the 24.5 ns period defined by the mode-locking frequency of a Nd:YAG laser used for a photocathode driver. A regenerative cavity with an integrated active CO2 amplifier has been integrated with the ICS interaction chamber. Multi-bunch ICS interaction with 5- and 15-pulse trains at 40 MHz was demonstrated and characterized.
In this paper we discuss our experimental results, in the context of the ICS applications, and outline plans for the future development.

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Primary author

Dr. Alex Murokh (RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC.)


Mr. Andrey Ovodenko (RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC.) Dr. Igor Pogorelsky Pogorelsky (BNL) Prof. James Rosenzweig (UCLA) Dr. Mikhail Polyanskiy (Brookhaven National Laboratoty) Dr. Sakai Yusuke (UCLA)

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